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Clay Green 500g

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Clay 500g Cleansing

Green Montmorillonite Clay

Natural silicate of aluminium, iron and magnesium


CAS: 1318-93-0

EINECS: 215-288-5

Country of origin: France


Our green clay has huge absorbent properties due to its microparticles. Cleanses the skin of unnecessary oils, toxic substances and any impurities. Its toning effect stimulates the skin, bringing fresh blood to the skin cells. French green clay is helpful for occasional skin breakouts. Use it every day during skin inflammation or once a week as a skin care product.

It is the most majestic, most effective and most commonly used clay for skin care in the world. Unlike other clays where individual elements work in symbiosis away from each other, French green clay contains several elements that work with the epidermis and releases its properties as best as possible.

Lonaen's line of green cosmetic clay is extracted from naturally occurring deposits.

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